Break The Distance

by The Alibi

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released November 21, 2014

Vocals - Nicole Gibson
Keyboards & Guitars - Liam Delay
Guitars - Hyrum Wild
Bass - Johanie Beaulieu
Drums - Karine Mirambeau
Recorded, Engineered & Mixed at Silver Wings Studios



all rights reserved


The Alibi Montreal, Québec

Five individuals, all coming from different parts of the globe. Somehow, they end up meeting in Montreal. The goal? Giving life to music that inspires people... ...and themselves!

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Track Name: My Conviction
When you close your eyes, do you wish for more?
Can you tell what’s missing, catch a spark from fire?
Are you chasing your dreams or are they chasing you?
Would you make them real? You buried them long ago

I’m burning inside, ready to set the world on fire
Will you stand here, watch me break through the walls above us?
I’ll give it all when surviving is not enough
Will you stand up, help me break through the walls above us?
We’ll never die, still we can burn bright

When you see the mountain, are you too afraid to climb?
Can you find a second wing, watch our world from higher?
When nothing is good enough, how easily can you draw the line?
Are you the one who gives up or someone who can let go?

We’ve been told to keep our eyes down
We’ll never wear the crown
We’ll never comply now that we’ve seen the prize
We’ve made the choice to rise

Are you driving your life or do you let them drive you?
When someone cuts you down, can you throw it away?
Track Name: City Night Trip
Walking in this city in the cold rainy night
Wandering in an alley, looking for a game to play
I need to break away from this negativity
Deep inside of me I know I can’t stay

Suddenly I saw it purring in the cold night
Metal beast on idle a bright light in the dark
You were just waiting for me to put my hands on the wheel
You whisper in my ear ‘’Take me away from here!’’

(Drive) I’m stealing you away
(Away) From the boredom of this city
(Let’s play) Zero to sixty, I’m aiming for the highway
(Ride) With no strings attached
(Away) We’ll break the distance
(With me) We can take a chance it’s time to run away

The wind blows in my hair, I keep a smile on my face
I would get lost anywhere without a trace
I can feel the energy rushing all over me
I’ll escape reality on the road to infinity

Are you ready for a journey?
All I need now is a change of scenery
Let’s be runaways, let’s get astray
No fear, no fright, spread your wings, baby!
Track Name: When All Is Tumbling Down
Follow me where I belong at the break of a new day
I’ve been waiting for the dawn to show you the place I’ll stay
Where the warmth of the sun rays breathes life to forsaken dreams
In the silence of the sky when you come, will you find me?
When all is tumbling down

Sometimes I need to see the light
Forget about the things I’ve done
Somehow I need to know we’ll fight
When all is tumbling down

I traded my trust for fear, a cage of my own design
Cast chains of apathy in the flames of my mind
Can I find the key to this or will I have to wait again?
In the silence of the sky when you come, will you find me?
When all is tumbling down
Track Name: All Inside My Head
In the shadows of nowhere, not trying to find a way
Take these streets like they were mine, I’m being led astray
You’re long gone but in my head you still remain
Time keeps passing by as I walk, staring at the sea
Time keeps slipping by as my world is coming down

(I close my eyes to slow my mind) So I can’t see the signs
(I rest my soul ‘til I unwind) I won’t go down this time
(I keep walking, peaceful and blind) Forget the life we’ve lead
(I close my eyes to survive) It’s all inside my head

The light electrifies the air, the wind blows in my face
And I keep watching my steps as I’m trying to find my space
I can’t tell why I feel relieved to be alone
Time keeps slipping by as my world is falling down

I should stay strong and cover my tracks
But I’m too jaded to face their attacks
I wish you were still by my side
But there’s no way, no way to bring you back
Track Name: Awaken
I feel so numb, I just want to forget
The scars on my skin and the strings of my shame
My heart is filled with regrets
I need to find myself again

Swallowed my fears for all these years
I can’t hold back my breath anymore
Sense in my mind, my doubts confined
Waking my heart to feel alive

For myself
For my soul

The more I learn, the less I know
I think I’ve just found my worst foe
I cannot trust the voice in my head
It drives me to the edge

My wounds kept under my skin
Washed away from my sins
Can’t turn back, nowhere to hide
Just give me back my pride